Wednesday, 6 February 2013


This morning my alarm went off at 5.15. I cringed inwardly. I’d made a date with Davina, and had already half-planned to ditch her for Rosemary - a helmet-haired, no-nonsense woman, I knew I’d get a lot less grief from her. After all, she’s never made an extremely simple quiz drag on for two hours or yelled, “Tune!” at dance music while fake-skipping and pulling a Muppet-face. She’s also never told me I couldn’t eat carbs after 6pm like I’m some gullible fad-diet-believing idiot. You know where you are with Rosemary.
From her website - a lovely smiley pic of Rosemary

But even as the cat jumped on my head as if to say, “Yay – you’re awake! Breakfast time!” I knew I couldn’t be doing with either of them. Or the cat.

The thing is, I know how much exercise I am supposed to be getting just to maintain health – never mind burn extra calories in a weight-reducing effort. You need 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise, plus muscle-strengthening activities on two days, or you can swap the 150 minutes for 75 minutes of vigorous exercise, or find a balance somewhere in between. Getting up at 5am to squeeze in some aerobics – yeah, easy. Just not at the expense of sleep!

The snooze button went on. If I’m going to earn these activity points, I’ve got to get creative. So today I had a leisurely lie-in until 5.58 am, got ready for work, caught my bus, then went for a stroll before work. There's not much to see round central Milton Keynes. I got as far as Lidl. Ah well, 2 easy points in the bag.
But I've had enough - I'm not going to try to get the last point in. I've earned my pamper session, dammit!

As you can gather, I'm pretty busy. I'm living the dream as I do the work I love. Books are my life and I've got big things happening this year - besides all the wedding stuff. Watch this space is all I can say for now. But, know I spend my days grinning like the Cheshire Cat. Something has had to give, though, and I'm doing less of other things for now. Many strings to my bow; no time to fiddle about.

So happy to say OH is being extremely supportive. Today he went and did the shopping. I'm so proud - look at this haul for £11!

He's the hunter of us, as you can tell. Don't worry, I'm gathering the fruit and veg in later in the week.He makes Doctor Who stew with the hearts as there's two per pack.

But tomorrow and Friday, more wedding stuff as I learn to make chocolates, and talk about cake, baby! I'm designing invitations in my spare scraps of time, too. I love it when a plan comes together!

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