Friday, 28 March 2014

The never ending knitting. ah ahaaah ah ah aaah ah ah aaaaah!

Hello once again,  my dwindling faithful readership.

Some good news since I last wrote.  We now have wifi at home!  So I may be able to update slightly more frequently - schedule permitting of course.

And of course,  it hasn't been.  So I am still writing this on the bus.

The month has been chockablock with preparation for Eastercon,  editing and the like,  about which you can read more about on the 'What's New' section of my fairly recently revamped website

Over the past two weeks I have made a couple of trips to London. Once for the Clarke Award shortlist party and once to interview my guests Gaie Sebold and Paul Kincaid for the BSFA open evening.  All jolly good fun. With frugal hat on I made use of a £16 voucher bought for £ 8,  Network Railcard and Quidco cash back to make these journeys as cheap as possible.

With unfrugal hat on, I decided to shell out for a Weight Watchers subscription.  My Fitness Pal is ace, and totally free,  but the psychological advantage of having paid for my journey back to fitness means I am concentrating on it a bit more.

I have also taken advantage of free delivery and ten quid off to stockpile some Filling and Healthy foodstuffs. Feeling much better about myself already,  just a week into it. If I manage to dip below 10 stone by May I am promising myself sewing lessons.

Craft wise, I am knitting against the aging process!

...what I mean is I am making a present for a baby and the child is already 2 months old. It's like the Paula Abdul of knitting projects as I knit 2 rows forward and then undo a row back.

I've also been making nice jewellery cards such as the one below.

Right,  about to run out of signal. Eek!

Monday, 10 March 2014

My Hugely Busy Life

Hello!  Humongous apologies to anyone who was hoping this would be a nice long post after a break of over a month. I kept putting a post off until I had more time,  but there just hasn't been any.

Plus,  my home wifi is knackered,  so if I fire the Internet up it is for work stuff.

Work is going well. I have a few commercial and private editing commissions on the go. I was hoping for a bit of time to write as well,  so grabbing that when I can. This includes some stand up material that I was able to try out at my first gig for a while on Friday night for a charity night in Silverstone.  That was a remarkably pleasant evening.  I shan't be able to commit to a decent number of gigs just yet,  so staying under the radar for now with a few open spots and not trying to push too hard. That said,  if anyone has a spot for me,  do let me know.

Comedy-wise I have also been bouncing again for Robin Ince and have been lucky enough to get onto the guest list for Helen Keen's new series of It is Rocket Science. These were brilliant shows and I will expand on what they were like in later posts.

Also I had free tickets to see A Tale of Two Cities at the theatre last week,  which was awesome.

Writing-wise I also have a story coming out in Newcon Press' s Noir anthology... I will post pics of the cover soon.

Scratting fans, I believe I have scratted just over 30p since last mention.

I do have some thrift book reviews coming up, and craft pics,  so will hopefully be back to normal service soon.