Friday, 21 June 2013

When To-Read Stacks of Many, Many Books Attack!!!

I really do count my blessings, living the life I do.

I've said before that books are my life. I've read lots of them. Hopefully, as I approach my impending middly bit, I'll get to enjoy at least a thousand more. I'm super lucky in that with the career I have chosen as an editor, I get to read some fabulous books before anyone else... and correct the spellings!

I also read lots of books for review. Some reviewers, writing for your bigger publications, get paid for that, but for the publications I review for, I just get to keep the book. What's great about that is that sometimes you'll be asked to work on something that might not have grabbed your fancy if you'd just been browsing for something nice to read.

Also, you often get free books at events like conventions and festivals, usually in a goody bag, or at author readings, sometimes. Usually, though, publishers and booksellers have also brought some along to sell, and maybe they'll offer a glass of wine to potential buyers, as well as much, much cheaper prices on the books than you'd be able to buy them for in the shops or from Amazon.

And lo, I did come back from the FUTURA science fiction convention in Wolverhampton last week with just a few more (mostly free) books for my pile, which is in danger of doing me in.

And for all the immaculate new books I have sitting on (rammed into all the gaps of) my shelves, I know I've got vouchers and points for more books, and of course my lovely library card, which I use (abuse) regularly.

And now temptation comes my way once more, as my friends have launched a new indie-publishing marketplace called Spacewitch - a site where you can discover writing by well and lesser-known genre writers, buy their stuff, and feel happy knowing that they and their publishers get the money, not some corporate behemoth charging all sorts of fees for the pleasure of letting them make all the money instead.

Well, all addicts need a programme, and I think I've come up with one.

1 - Read more books. Okay, so I'm a functioning addict.Well, I have plenty, so I shall start ploughing through. I did a 50 book challenge a couple of years ago.... can I top that? I'll start next month and see.

2. Share nicely. A friend wants us to book swap before moving our books on. I think this is a good idea.

3. Try to keep them saleable. I can then use We Buy Books to clear up some space and make a bit of money into the bargain. Maybe then, the pile of books won't land on my head and kill me.

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