Monday, 9 December 2013

Christmas - the big haul

Just been chatting to a friend about how I am doing with preparing for Christmas.  Pretty good,  considering I have already blown the £51.29 I had saved towards shopping from Sealed Pot Sunday.  I have been accumulating gifts throughout the year,  taking advantage of deals, freebies,  voucher and discount store offers.  Also the chazza and second hand shops for one or two bits.  I will also be doing a bit of crafting.  Everyone is getting onion jam  - hope you like it!
Already have £1.16 in found money towards next year's SPS. Was 16p but I found a pound on the way to work this morning. Woo!
My latest sticker/ basics shopping haul at the weekend was also quite fruitful. Here's what I got from Sainsbury's.
Also a second haul fron Tesco.
All that for £22. Best of that is the turkey, bought for £4!
I had a nice 'free' dinner on Friday,  thanks to work. This was at Brasserie Blanc. Starter of mackerel terrine with horseradish cream (yum) , main of confit duck leg, cherry sauce,  rosti and beans (very nice) and dessert of Valhrona chocolate pudding with chocolate sorbet and crumb.  Not very nice, it was just melted ice cream with hard biscuit lumps floating in it. Ah well.  They did we considering the size of our party, though I did think our waiter was rude. Menu said coffee and mince pies to finish, and initially he refused to switch to tea for me. But the meal finished so late everyone left before after dessert.  There was just me and another girl who wanted tea too who stayed for a drink.  And no one got a mince pie!  Boo!
Still I was very happy to win a voucher to go back (and get another from a colleague! ). Christmas parties are never reflective of the standard of a venue. Still a lovely feed for no outlay.


  1. No mince pie! Humpffff. Fancy not making you a tea, miserable little sod!
    Oh well look out for him when you return I have a feeling he may not still be working there! Well done with your reduced haul! I love onion jam I would be well chuffed with a jar of that. X

  2. That's rubbish service and with no mince pie either!

    You did great with your grocery haul Donna!

  3. Thanks! I really don't think chain places care about works parties beyond getting the booking.

    ... have to say, I also entered a competition to win a meal at the one at St Paul's with Raymond Blanc himself and Katherine Jenkins. I really wouldn't mind winning that!