Saturday, 25 May 2013

A Cool Thing From USA

I'm back from my travels, having caught an overnight flight, landing at 10 this morning. I'm very spaced and woozy and have had to have a bit of a kip this afternoon, but I've made myself get up and about, or I'll ruin my whole weekend with crap sleeping patterns.

I did manage to get out one of the nights while I was in New Jersey, and went to a sports bar where I got to order a burger 'medium rare' - I thought it would be lush, but it was very so-so. I have to say, not a patch on our local Buddies diner-style restaurants here in Northampton!

If I had a few more days in New Jersey, I would have liked to go visit the newly opened boardwalks down on the shore. Of course, I'm a huge fan of a certain TV show set on the Jersey shoreline... nope, not Jersey Shores - my IQ is in triple, not single figures, thank you. I meant this sweet bit of moonshine:

 New Jersey was of course hit very hard by Hurricane Sandy last year. I've heard stories about the storm surge being so huge that trains got derailed and picked up by the water, to be deposited on the highway half a mile away. The media is showing the face of optimism, as coastal businesses hope to get NJ families to celebrate Memorial weekend locally, and tourists to visit the shores to spend a bit of much needed cash.

I'm also a bit sad I missed the cicadas. When I have said I wanted to see them, people think I'm mad. But they are just coming out now around the East Coast, and they won't be seen again for another seventeen years. I won't put any pictures in case anyone gets freaked out by bugs, but they are weird.

So, not too many photos to show you. I was intrigued by the mystery of grown-over buildings on a road featuring hotels and offices that isn't on some sat navs, it's so new.

I was also a bit shocked to learn I've gained about 4 pounds this week, despite eating mainly Lean Cuisines. Mind, I suppose breakfasts like this don't help...
I only had giant waffles the one day - honest!
And despite not being able to travel to New York this time, my colleagues mad sure I came away with a souvenir.
Now, you might not guess what that is at first look, but it's a model of the Chrysler Building and it's very, very, very cool.

Behold - my very first thing made using a 3D printer! My colleague made it just for me.

It's extremely light, and you can see how the printer has applied the layers of plastic, printing round and round, like you might crochet something, which is quite apt for a home-crafted object!

So, that's my cool thing.

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