Wednesday, 15 May 2013

My Steampunk (ish) Wedding

Wow, am I one lucky girl!

I'm grabbing ten minutes while my new hubby catches up with watching the Grand Prix from the weekend. I like it too, but I can't sit and watch much TV for long periods unless for a film; I get restless.

We've got so much to do now we're back from honeymoon, but my burdens have been greatly eased by the amazing generosity of my friends and family who have helped out so much. My cats have been well looked after while we were away, and the friend who came to feed them has even tidied the kitchen for us (lesson here is, getting married, getting ready for a honeymoon and finishing editorial work are all things that require a Time Lord's intervention to be done at the same time, never mind being tidy about it). I am truly grateful!

I'm also nibbling away at one of my wedding pressies - a few delightful and very yummy moustache biscuits from a box made by  Emma B's Cakery.

I have talented and wonderful friends in abundance... I wasn't going to have a hen do this year, but my matron of honour, Kim, got together with a few friends and organised a wonderful trip round 78 Derngate for me on the day before my wedding. 78 Derngate is a wonderfully preserved arts and crafts house, designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh. George Bernard Shaw stayed there once, in a very busy room. The hostess apologised for the jarring patterns, saying she feared he wouldn't sleep, to which Mr Shaw told her he always slept with his eyes closed. What a card!

Then, we had a mad hatters tea party in the cafe, with an abundance of Pimms, champagne, tea and chai, cakes and sandwiches. It was an elegant affair.

It was even attended by Queen Victoria in  mouse form...

On the day of the wedding, Kim and my friend Sam came over to help me get ready. They did an excellent job and I scrubbed up quite decently. But more than that, they kept me going all morning with their support.

Also in the morning, my flower lady, Anne of The Flower Stylist came over to deliver my flowers. I can heartily recommend her work. She's kind, warm and creative, and her prices are very reasonable too! Here is what she did for me:

And here are the posies for my little bridesmaids.

My brother, James, drove me to the wedding venue with the girls, but we were told to go away as we were ridiculously early. To the car then, to groove to New Order for a bit.

Finally, it was time for the ceremony. Inside the guests were all grooving away to The Eagles' "Journey of the Sorceror" (Theme to Hitchikers' Guide to the Galaxy), and I got ready to go in with my dad.

My entrance music was the beautiful  "O Mio Babbino Caro" by Puccini, as sung by Katherine Jenkins. Yep - a Doctor Who connection.Why not? I love the song.

I don't think I stopped shaking all through the ceremony. It was all so lovely! Kim read from Peter Pan, chapter 3, which I chose because the characters are just children at heart; flawed, argumentative, but ultimately saved by each others' love. Sam read the Tattoo poem by Neil Gaiman.

I will write in words of fire. 
I will write them on your skin. 
I will write about desire. 
Write beginnings, write of sin. 
You're the book I love the best, 
your skin only holds my truth, 
you will be a palimpsest 
lines of age rewriting youth. 
You will not burn upon the pyre. 
Or be buried on the shelf. 
You're my letter to desire: 
And you'll never read yourself. 
I will trace each word and comma 
As the final dusk descends, 
You're my tale of dreams and drama, 
Let us find out how it ends.
We signed the register while Murray Gold's "The Wedding of River Song" played.
 And then we were man and wife! Exit to Peatbog Faeries, "Folk Police".

And I'm sure you will agree, our wedding was a stylish and bohemian thing...

People did say they thought we looked fantastic. Well, they did, until they saw the cake. And then it was all about the cake.

Isn't that an amazing cake?!! Claire Tong is one talented woman. She makes very delicious cakes with fine sugarwork. she makes lots of craft items too, and acts in plays to boot!

Yes - she's thinking of doing this professionally. Good, hey? I can put in a word, if you like ;P (EDIT: Sadly, Claire is not thinking of going pro after all...)

The hat decoration on the cake matches the buttonholes and other featherwork worn by OH and our retinue as made by our friend, Tamsyn Payne, who is a costume designer (as well as about a hundred other creative things, all of which she is brilliant at).

My OH looked very dapper, but thought he'd swap clothes with our friend Andrew Reid for our first dance to Muse.

We also had entertainment from magician Al Rudge. My little nephew really enjoyed his nail trick! I can't seem to find any pics at the moment, so if anyone has any, please let me know. In fact, I've been cheeky and grabbed a few from my friends on Facebook, but I'm hoping you'll let me keep copies for my personal albums.

And music came from the amazing Jordan Reyne, who was so good, she made my dad cry!

Finally, we discoed the night away to the tunes of Kill Whitey DJs Dan and Lauren, who made an excellent start with "Doctoring the Tardis" (KLF) followed by "Can You Dig IT?" (PWEI) and carried on from there.

I am knackered just writing this lot up. Think you'll have to wait a bit for the honeymoon follow-up. Dodgy photos a-go-go!

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