Thursday, 15 August 2013

A Walk Around Great Brington

We're well into keeping fit this month. This is because a milestone is approaching...
OH has been signed up to do a triathlon, and I'm trying, well, just to do better. I have been planning healthy meals using the library-sourced Rosemary Conley Ultimate GI Jeans diet. I think I can conclude that even though I have been trying to buy my food as cheaply as possible, it is much more expensive for us to do our shopping this way. It costs us twice as much! I've lost weight, mind... Just don't think the budget can keep up.

 But, keeping up with exercise is easy enough. I am carrying on with Parkrun - even though my times are getting mysteriously slower - and OH has his gym membership covered right up until the triathlon. And to be sociable, we've spent time walking around beautiful Northamptonshire country towns. This weekend - Great Brington. Church patronised by the Spencer Family (of Princess Diana fame).
"Do you want me to stop?"
"No, carry on.... thanks!"

I love the Dairy Farm building

They had bagpipes, we heard them. I tried kilt-spotting, but they's all gone.

Beautiful church at Great Brington - St. Mary's

Entrance to the Spencer family crypt
Diana, Princess of Wales's father and uncle are both resting here. But apparently, the famous Spencer daughter is on an island at Althorp House nearby...

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