Sunday, 25 June 2017

Going Rogue

End of the weekend, and I am shattered!

I've been working on my editing today and then I popped to the allotment again. I didn't have a lot of energy as I didn't eat very much yesterday apart from a small bowl of pasta and allotment herb pesto, so fuelled up this morning on an egg sandwich.

So this is what it looks like today:

First raspberries appearing

A glut of blackcurrants, redcurrants and some gooseberries... as much as I could picked, prepped and frozen

The coriander is now all in flower, which means...

coriander seeds!

Planted out and sowed some runners.

I am not sure my aubergines worked, so there's a sneaky pinstripe plant on the end of the row, procured from Asda so at least I'll get some. Our neighbours gave us a load of comfrey today to make plant food, so that's prepped and will be ready in a few weeks.

We have a lot of potatoes growing, but I thought I'd go an find all the rogues... the little bibbly potatoes that sneaked into odd places round the plot and started growing. I got some rogue potatoes for our tea!

Not all of them were good, but hey, free food!

Tonight, I'm planning to relax and watch a film... I recorded Identity Thief and Bad Teacher. Two brainless comedies, just what the doctor ordered. But first I will whip up a quick banana and raspberry ripple ice cream. Need movie snacks!

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