Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Feeling Crafty

I've had a busy old night, writing and editing. We took a break to watch the fabulous Utopia on channel 4, during which I got on with my tea cosy...

This came in a free kit from Clipper tea, along with packs of English Breakfast and Earl Grey teabags. Looking good so far, but I need to get it finished as I have a couple of gift knitting projects that I'd like to start and finish before the end of February.

A short while ago, OH came to join me in our little office to design some photo gifts on his laptop.

Yes, spot the homemade wine... unfortunately, I don't believe it's any good, so we'll have to have another go. OH makes a particularly good dry cider - just from basic juice and champagne yeast! We got the basic recipe from Downsizer.

We've had a really good week of budgeting and planning for the wedding. We decided the shopping budget was a little tight for us, but I'm going to handle the budget as it is for all groceries, toiletries, cleaning stuff and cat food, and  OH is in charge of stockpiling bargain meat for the freezer. In fact, he went shopping today. He did quite well, within budget and stuck to multipack deals and stickered bargains, but I meanly gave him a very middly 6/10 for his efforts, because I'm a stickler about what I consider to be a bargain. For example, 2 quail for £3.45 - yes, cheaper than normal, but you could probably get better value from something else. That said, I haven't tried quail before, so I'm looking forward to that meal.

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