Monday, 7 January 2013

My First Handmade Thing of the Year (not the ransom note)

It's gone ten already, N is still scrabbling in the loft and I am looking round my office with a sinking feeling. We need to make an appointment with the registrar and our documents have gone walkabout. It's most definitely time to sort out the potential bookalanche in here.

So far, N has found a graphic calculator (with book), some coffee BBE September 2008 (which he says he'll drink now), a CD of Fugazi by Marillion, a Sony Walkman, and by the sounds of it, a wooden recorder.

Also a bizarre ransom note...

I know where the last smerfs are. Put £5 million in Boobys bank or I'll send you all of their heads. Nice.

We keep scribbling over our wedding budget. It goes down when we get a great idea, it goes up again when we realise we can't do what we thought we could.

But we are committed, and it means saving money wherever possible.

Hence this evening, I made a birthday card for my nephew who is having a party on Saturday. It's made of blue card and various bits of craft foam left over from an old project.

 I would have done Winnie, but I've used up all my yellow foam. I prefer Eeyore anyway, myself!

We are going to cheer ourselves up before bed with another grim episode of Boardwalk Empire, which N got for Christmas and which is fab.

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