Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Just a quick update today as I have been busy.
Wedding work has begun in earnest, with documents requested. Just got to hunt the passports now. Lists are being drawn up for the sit down meal (standing up to eat not recommended). Setbacks have been panicked and stressed over and I have an intense pain in my left shoulder from not shrugging properly. I'm shrugging now though. Que sera sera...

I am happy to report one success, as today is my 'official' weigh-in, one week after New Year's Day. I have lost 5lbs!

I think that's the most I've ever lost in one week... because, yes, I've been down this road before. Haven't we all? And I've still enjoyed chocolate, cake and ice cream left over from Christmas, and a couple of glasses of wine. But apart from those naughties, I've stuck to the Filling and Healthy list, climbed the stairs instead of taking the lift and tried to fit in the recommended 75 minutes of vigorous exercise and toning sessions as per the NHS website.

Just got to stick to it now.

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