Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Forced to Awaken... Can I Go to Bed Now?

What a weekend! OH and I were invited to a 40th birthday party on the theme of Star Wars.

Did I spend a fortune in the fancy dress shop kitting us out? Did I heck!

Behold Senator Leia Organa: I'm wearing my two-piece white Indian paisley bat-wing blouse and skirt combo, bought when I was eighteen for my first formal ball. Well, all debutantes wear white don't they?

And OH was Luke Skywalker in his old re-enactment belt and shoes and my old kimono.

Here he is fiddling with his light saber... or a bubble wand. Two for £1 from Poundland.

A lovely night... our friend's wife had made an impressive feast of Star Wars-themes push-pop cakes.

That was Saturday... and on Sunday I went to the Town Festival on the Racecourse (free entry - just lots of temptation to spend once you're in!). I spent much of the afternoon sitting with friends and watching the balloons.

Wow!!!! And no, you're not having my money, shiny things!

Some kites, teasing a deflated balloon.

Quick, I have a message for Harry Potter!

The produce tent

spot the hoverfly!

A lot of people in Northampton are a bit dismissive of the Town Festival and call it 'Chavfest'; but there are cool things happening if you keep your eye out.
For example, I nearly missed it, but I left the friends I'd been sitting with all afternoon and was about to go home, when I walked past the band's stage and thought... hang on, I know that tune! It was only Misty's Big Adventure (I love them!), so I went towards the stage and discovered even more friends  there and we all had a little boogie before going home.

No Volvo dancing, as the handy blue fella was off on honeymoon!

Yesterday I popped to the allotment, and did a bit of watering and picking.

Better think about making some jam soon, then.

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