Monday, 17 July 2017

Keep Smiling

I have been struggling a bit today with tiredness and low mood, so I thought I'd counter it with as chipper a blog post as I could muster.

First of all, I'm a squidge further into the yellow, and today I managed to get back into my formal work trousers from Aldi. My formal work blouse, nooo.... it's a bit 'naughty secretary' still at the moment. Ah well, I am still shrinking!

One bleak gig this week, but also one where I got  a compliment  from Barbara Nice. I invoke Millican's Law and move on.

Another comedian friend gave me comps to go to a preview of Paul Sinha's show, which was excellent, and in return I helped out a bit in the box office. I'm so very very grateful as it does us good to see pros in action, and of course my spondoolicks are much limited. Shout Out to My Ex is nothing short of inspirational. 

I also got to go on community radio this week to plug my own show, and really enjoyed it.

I have editorial work queuing up, and OH has plenty of overtime to do as well, so we can tackle things more quickly. OH is very sad this week, as one of his friends passed away in the small hours on Friday, but we are both employing the mantra "be kind to yourself" to get through the low patch. It is really good advice someone once gave us: what is the kindest thing you can do for yourself right now? Make time for rest? Go for a walk? Say no? Find your friends... whatever it is, do it!

And I bought an artichoke for 9p. I love YS bargains! 

To be kind to myself tonight, I shall write this, and make sure I take care of me before I go rushing to the allotment again.

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