Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Yellow Stickers, yellow flowers, yellow me

Something is definitely working for me as I find myself a couple of lbs lighter again, and another squidge further into the yellow.

Well, maybe this won't help... at work an colleague who is another yellow sticker aficionado decided it was his turn to bring in the treats, and at 3p for 5 doughnuts, that was a sweet treat indeed!

I should be sweet enough already. OH needed to clear some freezer space for his last purchase from the butchers, so I thought it might be time to turn some of this year's gooseberry glut into jam.
And here are some pics of things growing in the allotment this week. First up, tomatoes...
Tiny aubergines, like little bumble bees in the flowers.

The melons are spreading like wildfire. See those tiny yellow flowers? Little melons are growing underneath.

My lovely allotment.

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